A South Austin holistic acupuncture and wellness practice

Holistic Health and Transformation

Dragon Blossom is a holistic practice that takes into consideration your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I see all parts of you as whole and interconnected and will diagnose and treat you as a whole being.

I will take time to get to know you and to hear you. This plays an important role in your diagnosis and treatment. You are unique. The cause of your symptoms, the way your energy responds to treatment, and what essential elements of healing will work for you are unique to you. It is my job to see you and to have an effect that lasts.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine that has developed for over 3,000 years. Though its roots are very old, it remains relevant in the modern world. There are many studies citing its benefits both as a stand alone treatment and in conjunction with modern allopathic prodedures like in vitro fertilization.

At Dragon Blossom, I use acupuncture, herbs, cupping, gua sha, essential oils, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and meditation techniques. Learn more about my services.

Would you benefit from help in any of these areas? Contact me to learn how we can work together!

Physical:Acupuncture Austin Home

Tension pain and headaches
Musculoskeletal pain
Poor digestion, constipation, diarrhea
Body twitches or tremors
Common cold
Acute sinitus or rhitinus


Emotional/Spiritual:Acupuncture Austin Home

Anxiety and Stress
Sleep disorders
Inability to relax
Mood swings
Poor memory or focus
Obsessive worry
Grief and sadness
Feeling stuck or numb
Feeling unmotivated
Foggy headed, inability to think clearly
Identity crisis


Women’s Health:Acupuncture Austin Home

Healthy pregnancy
Labor induction
Postpartum recovery
Irregular cycle
Fibroids or cysts
Low libido
Inability to orgasm


Why Dragon Blossom Acupuncture & Wellness with Corinne?

  • Comprehensive diagnosis, integrating Eastern and Western perspectives
  • Individualized treatment plans and recommendations to resolve issues at their source
  • Lifestyle counseling and support to nourish your wellbeing including herbs, nutritional recommendations, and mindfulness practices
  • Customized packages that provide in depth care and maintenance plans to sustain your ongoing wellness goals
  • Enhanced energetic experience integrated through my years of practice in meditation and my full attention for the duration of each session
  • Commitment to quality incorporating gold and silver plated needles, therapeutic grade essential oils, and dedication to ongoing education
  • Optimization of your health and quality of life
Ready to bring me on as your ally? Call me at 512-298-0862 or schedule your session here. Want more information? Call me to set up a free consultation. Want to stay connected? Sign up for my email list.