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The Power of Authentic Expression

Acupuncture Austin The Power of Authentic Expression

One of the most vulnerable things is to express yourself authentically. All the time. No hiding. No filtering. 

And it’s also one of the most powerful. This is about being true. Who are you? What do you want? What do you have to say? The raw, real version. The version that makes your soul rumble when you let yourself be seen.

It’s so easy to play along with everyone else’s game and to hide yourself here and there, tucking away the corners of the true you so that others will like you and let you keep playing with them.

But what is the cost?

In your life, your relationships, your own soul?

We avidly discussed these concepts in my last talk, Say What You Mean: Simple Tools for Revitalizing Your Life. It’s huge, this conversation! We are all learning together. We weren’t taught growing up how to freely express our true natures. We were taught how to fit into society so we can make money and live the dream. And yes we need to know how to do this. And yes, we want more!

And you can have it!

When you speak from that raw, real place inside of you, you come alive in a new way. Your vitality is unleashed and is palpable to everyone around you. 

The practices we did during the Say What You Mean talk helped to make the concepts a reality. We moved together from feeling the part of us that wants to be expressed but has been hidden for so long out of fear, to feeling it and naming it, to expressing it and releasing it into the world. And wow, it felt good!

One of the women who attended the talk said, “The practices really helped me make it a reality. I went to my boss the next day, and now I have a new work schedule. It didn’t even take guts. I was calm and rational.” 

That’s the beautiful thing about practicing. You do it again and again, and it becomes easier. It becomes natural. The more we learn to be real and true, the more we shine.

Inspired by tremendous feedback from the talk, I’ve launched a new one-on-one package to help you express yourself more fully.

I have a client who would always concede to others tell me, “I stood up for myself in a confrontational situation and was able to objectify it. It made me feel strong and giving. And I want to stand up for others.”

This was after only two sessions! It’s powerful work.

Authentic Expression Package

Learn how to:

  • Speak more confidently and clearly
  • Express yourself dynamically and effectively
  • Ask for what you want

Receive 4 sessions that include:

  • Detailed client discovery intake
  • Acupuncture with powerful energetic techniques
  • Coaching and tools to practice in your life
  • Individualized treatment plan

Call 512-298-0862 to schedule a session!

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