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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a 3,000 year old medicine that supplements, revitalizes, and balances the life force or movement of the body. If you divide the body into two parts, substance and movement, the substance is what the body is made of and the movement is the force that carries the substance in the complex and intricate dance that is our body. So often in life, we hardly think of all the movement that is happening inside of us all the time. Cells are creating, communicating, transporting, dying. Swept away for new cells to be born. Happening by the trillions all the time!

In contrast, rocks and other inanimate objects have no life force. They only move when outside force is placed upon them. Plants, animals, and humans, however, grow and transform from within due to the movement and intelligence of our life force.

When our life force becomes blocked due to trauma or repetitive bad habits or just day to day living, the body can no longer move and communicate freely. This manifests in all sorts of pain and disease.

Acupuncture opens the flow of movement and activates the intelligence of the life force so the body’s innate healing capabilities can reclaim its vitality and ease.

Life force also called Qi in Chinese Medicine flows along major pathways called meridians and along each meridians are little vortex centers called acupuncture points. Each center has a specific function and when needled, this function is activated. Points can regulate the immune system, strengthen digestion for better nutrient absorption, relieve pain, regulate women’s cycles, and even allow pent up emotions to be released.

By influencing the body through a specific combination of points, acupuncture helps our bodies remember how to be healthy, full of life, free flowing, nourished, clear, connected, enriched, grounded, and whole.

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