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Meditations and Practices

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra means yogic sleep. It is a profound meditation that takes you consciously into a state of deep sleep. It induces profound relaxation and rejuvenation as well as reduces tension and anxiety.

I created one for you! You can listen to it here.

Dragon Blossom Health Allies:

Moon Mantra Essential Oils

Acupuncture Austin ResourcesMoon Mantra Healing:
Crystal-infused reflexology oils, Chakric Healing oils, pain-relieving elixirs & more! All Moon Mantra’s products are 100% vegan, phthalate & cruelty free. Using pure, aromatherapeutic grade essential oils, organic carrier oils, gems and minerals; Moon Mantra combines beauty with natural healing.

A word from Jade:
Every item I create begins with a crystal grid & much intention & manifestation before materials are brought together. This methodic system allows each blend to be unique, potent & extremely healing. I believe we cannot create anything that is beneficial for others unless we take the time to put our highest selves and our most genuine love into each item. This type of alchemy goes beyond the natural ingredients of each elixir; placing just as much importance on the heart of the alchemist as it does on the earthly materials utilized.

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Namaste Therapies

Practice like Acupuncture Austin Resourcesthe ancients! Use yoga and massage to take your bodywork experience to a new level. Slow down on the mat allowing deeply dynamic poses to create stillness in motion complementing your unique body and practice. Adding therapeutic adjustments, thai massage, foam rollers, therapeutic balls and table massage all from a somatic approach takes your practice to a deeper level of healing. Uniting these therapies creates greater awareness so you can fully relax your body allowing your senses to turn inward, observing Pratyahara, sense withdrawal. Integrate the body, mind and spirit on a cellular level unfolding the insights of your body while building balance in effort and release. Often times we will use guided imagery, meditation and Yoga Nidra so you may fully integrate your session.

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