A South Austin holistic acupuncture and wellness practice


“I went to see Corinne for my first REAL-LIFE acupuncture session and was instantly set at ease by her quiet space and relaxing demeanor. She spent quite a bit of time talking to me, asking pertinent questions, and connecting to me. We had an extremely thoughtful and mindful discussion about my goals for healing (inspiring quite a few epiphanies and self-realizations) and then she expertly went to work. After performing acupuncture therapy on me, she did energy work. My session was nothing short of transformative. I went in with some issues with a recent injury and left with much more flexibility and integration. My overall mood and outlook had improved as well and I was energetically supercharged (yet calm). Corinne obviously loves what she does and it shows.”
Natchet T


“I love my sessions with Corinne. She is great at what she does and is very caring about your total health. She stays with you and works your energy while you are receiving acupuncture. She can tell where your problem areas are and fixes them. I’m a auto mechanic shop owner and so I have body and mind stress. She has helped in both areas.

I’ve never been to another acupuncturist and I don’t plan on it either. When I find someone i trust and they do great work I stay with them.

If you want to have a full rejuvenation of your body, mind and soul; look no further. She will take you places that I have never felt before and come back a better person.”
Jared L


“My experiences with Corinne’s healing powers have been very transformative. I have had two sessions both for very different purposes and received the love, release and healing I needed in both cases. One was for pains of the body and the other was for pains of the heart and psyche. Her very presence is calming and so sincere. I would recommend her to anyone. I personally am very open to the idea of acupuncture and all healing arts, but even someone who is skeptical or nervous would find comfort, release, and peace from a treatment. If you are having pain, sickness, anxiety, or just need a boost within your energetic field, I highly recommend visiting Corinne.”
Jennifer S 


“My first acupuncture experience, and definitely not my last. Corinne’s multiple sessions alleviated annoying pressure and soreness that I’d been experiencing in my knee for quite sometime now. I appreciated her one on one personable but yet professional consultations during my three weeks of working with her. I would personally recommend her practice to anyone! And thank you, for sharing your light Corinne.”
Fernando P 


“I was pretty desperate with painful symptoms of my period and PMS when I found Corinne. I have just had 2 sessions with her, but this combined with the “homework” she gave me have served to completely transform my monthly experience. I was literally afraid of my period approaching because I had such terrible cramps and the PMS was triggering depression. This time around, it was barely an inconvenience. What is even more impressive to me is that Corinne intuitively linked this suffering to emotional issues and stagnation (lack of exercise). Since working with her, I have gained an appreciation for delving deep into my “center,” keeping Chi flowing and staying grounded. I practice these things daily, and it is helping me majorly with depression, which I did not even come to her for.

During the sessions, she is so warm and grounded, which creates a safe and cozy environment for my energy to move around in. Between my sessions, I have felt very supported and truly cared for as Corinne checks in with me by phone. The essential oil blend she made for me has been amazing–I rub it on my belly each night, which sounds simple but it really has been an amazing combo of aromatherapy/massage therapy/mindfulness (cultivating a mind-body connection to my center). I’ve also attended a public talk Corinne gave about emotional grounding, which has been so helpful that I shared her wisdom with my yoga students.

In short, Corinne is talented, professional, caring and grounded, and you could not hope to be in better hands.”
Elaine W


“Very positive experience!  I’ve been working with Corinne for several months and her sessions are awesome; I’m treated to a deep, extremely relaxed state every single time we work together:)

I was looking for several things…relief from career-related aches and pains (I’m a cellist of 25 years), asthma symptoms (since childhood), and most of all – I was trying to find a healthy way to deal with stress.  I found Corinne to be both skilled and intuitive, and I was overwhelmed the first time I realized how much different and better I felt at the end of our hour sessions.  Would recommend this to any human being on earth, I would wish this feeling on everyone!”
Jen M 


“I loved my acupuncture session. Corinne is a very focused and dedicated practitioner. She could see where I had energetic blocks and moved towards those areas intuitively. She is gentle with the needles and I get into a deep meditative state when she is working on me. The space feels very tranquil, from the fountain when you walk in, to the calm music she plays, and I loved how she put a heated pad on my feet! I recommend trying it out, especially if you’ve never had acupuncture before!”
Hannah D 


“My acupuncture sessions with Corinne are like breaths of fresh air. She is so very dedicated to each specific area of my physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. She moves with such intuition and grace along my entire body, finding and releasing any blocks, helping me to truly allow my chi to flow freely. After my evaluation on my first visit, I came back to find that she had done extra research on some of the goals I had in mind with our time together, and she has helped me tremendously in the last two weeks as I finish up six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer. My side effects are virtually gone, my appetite and energy are back, and I truly have Corinne to thank for that!”
Carina C 


“An acupuncture session with Corinne is an opportunity to Know yourself more deeply.  Once, she gave me a treatment centered around my heart that changed my life.  It left me more open to receive love in my new relationship and more comfortable in my body.  After working with Corinne, all kinds of things just flow better.”
Rebecca A