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Embracing Life: The Power of Shakti

As humans, we are strange hybrid creature; the only beings on earth that stand truly upright. Our verticality reaches upwards longing for the Divine. And yet we are also very much animal. Children of Nature, born of the Earth, fashioned from physicality. The difficulty in balancing our two natures, the spiritual being and the animal, is often a source of distress and illness in the body.

So often on life’s journey, it becomes easy to reject the body and be frustrated with its desires, needs, and even (or especially!) sexuality. I see so many people who are shining from the heart up, but are totally blocked from the heart down. Their lower bodies numbed and deadened in rejection of our lower nature.

If we lean too much towards our Higher Nature and disincarnate from our bodies, we lose touch with Life. We lose our willpower. We lose our motivation and ability to manifest. Our life force becomes weak.

On the other hand, if we lean too much towards our lower nature, we lose touch with our Higher guidance, Compassion, and Love, and can be swayed totally by our desires and will to survive.

The balance comes in allowing our Higher Selves to embrace the Life that is in us. We turn towards Life, the beautiful, teeming, powerful force that is Shakti, and it awakens and tingles through our bodies enlivening that which was numb. This awakening creates clarity, structure, and refinement allowing the Higher Self to land even more into our present lives. It allows us to bring more of our Powerful Selves forward into the world to create and manifest lives full of Love, Joy, Enthusiasm, Peace, and Truth.
The qualities of our True Selves. To actually realize the fullness of who we are,
We must embrace Life, not turn from it.

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