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Holistically Healing PMS

PMS is a different experience for every woman, but the commonality is that you don’t feel like yourself.  You feel bloated, irritable, angry, depressed, anxious, tired, and in pain. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Though menstruation will always be a time that your body asks you to slow down and nourish yourself, it doesn’t have to be a time of distress. It can just be a time of change. A normal, natural cycle in which you still feel connected to yourself.

To get from where you are now to where you want to be can take some time, but it is doable. Acupuncture reduces bloating, calms the mind, balances the emotions and hormones, increases energy levels, releases pain, and aids the body in nutrient assimilation to create more qi and blood. To get the best results, schedule an appointment close to the day your PMS starts and continue with once a week or once a month treatments. Each person’s body is unique and therefore, the time it takes to heal will also be individual. We can determine the best treatment plan to fit your needs that also includes herbal supplements and essential oil blends to rub on your low belly, back, and feet.

Some good tips to remember for a happier period:

· Exercise Regularly: Anything that gets your qi and blood moving will be a huge benefit to keep your qi and blood from getting stagnant which results in bloating, irritability, and cramps

· Avoid Dairy and Cold Food and Drink: These restrict the digestion making it more difficult to build new qi and blood resulting in tiredness and fatigue. Cold can also constrict the uterus exacerbating cramps.

· Nourish Yourself: take a bubble bath, make yourself a delicious organic meal, prop your feet up and read a good book, massage yourself with essential oils, be silent, get in touch with your body and it’s needs

Holistic methods work with the body to bring it back into ease and balance. If you are suffering from PMS and would like to holistically alleviate emotional and physical discomfort, contact me for a complimentary consultation.


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