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How to Hear Your Inner Voice

One of the attendees of my recent talk on Emotional Grounding: Practical Tools for Resting in Your Center asked a great question, “I know when I’m in a reaction, but how do I know what the response is?”

I want to share my answer with you because it is such an important question!

I was explaining the difference between a reaction and a response and three steps to move from a reaction into a response. A reaction is a charge that pulls you up out of yourself and into a state of anger, stress, fear, etc and becomes the lens through which you view a situation. And it’s usually not a clear lens! When you are in a reaction, you don’t experience things as they are. A response on the other hand, is an action that comes from your still, clear Center, where you have the answers, you know who you are, and you know what you want.

Reactions are loud! Your response, on the other hand, will come from your Inner Voice and starts very quiet in comparison. So you have to become very still and silent (I’ll give you one way to do this in the Practice below). Then from the silence, there’s a Knowing. Sometimes it’s words, sometimes it’s feelings, sometimes it’s a flash of understanding. It can be very subtle at first. A hint is that it usually comes with a feeling of expansion and clarity.

The more you seek your Inner Voice, the more visible it becomes. And the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. Like all things that you learn and integrate into your life, it’s a process. You might mess up a little at first, but as you keep seeking and using this inner muscle, it becomes stronger and more refined. It becomes a powerful tool from which you can navigate your life.

With each big decision you have to make, if you take the time to become still and silent and listen for your Inner Voice, you will manifest a life that is aligned with who you are and what you want. It is a beautiful, powerful, awesome experience.

So how to do it…

The Practice

First start with little decisions so there’s not as much charge about getting it right. Like what am I going to eat? Or what am I going to wear today? (Or maybe these aren’t so little! Acupuncture Austin How to Hear Your Inner Voice Whatever works for you.)Then becoming still.
Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. While focusing on your breath, let your peripheral awareness notice your whole body. And noting any sensations such as tingling, lightness, density, movement, tension. Then place both of your hands on your low belly below your navel, women right hand on top and men left hand on top. Make your breath deeper and louder constricting the throat a bit so there is an ocean like sound. Let your breath fill your belly and feel the four corners of your feet on the ground. Keep your focus grounded in your low belly and feet, and let your peripheral awareness notice your entire body. Do you feel any different? More Dense? Solid? Silent? As you ground your awareness there is a natural stillness and centering that takes place. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes.When you feel still, silent, and centered ask your Inner Voice the question. “What DO I want to wear today?” Then feel the question from your Center and see what comes! Remember, it’s going to be subtle. You might see how you want to feel in your clothes, you might see yourself wearing an outfit, you might just have an inner Knowing.Once you get the answer, act on it! The beauty of self discovery is that you can make it real.

As always, my advice is to make it fun! This is an inner exploration of You. What you can discover and manifest is endless when doing it from your Center where you know who you are and what you want. Enjoy!

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