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My juice cleanse journal: the whole scoop

I wrote my last blog on cleansing just as I started a 3 day juice cleanse. So as promised, here’s how it went.

Day 1

Morning: Firstly, I drank lemon ginger herbal tea to warm my stomach. Then, I excitedly made carrot, celery, kale, parsley, lemon juice thinking, “Juice is awesome. I love juice. I feel awesome!”

Afternoon: Lemon ginger tea. Waves of hunger, but still feeling high with no desire to eat. The hunger would come and go and wasn’t a big deal. Freed up a lot of energy that I’d usually spend on figuring out what to eat, when to eat, where and how to eat.

Evening: “I hate juice. I’m so bored with juice. Two more days of juice. Stupid juice. I’m not making any.” And a headache, which is apparently a normal thing to happen when your body flushes toxins.

Late eve: “Ok, I’ll make some juice.” Broccoli, yellow bell pepper, celery, cayenne. Satisfying in a new way.

Day 2

Morning: YOGA! Then, lemon ginger tea and carrot, beet, kale, ginger, lemon juice. MMMMM. One of my favorite combos of juices. Everything Is So Intense. It’s like a food buffer that I didn’t even know was there, dropped. Like I was closer to the world in a very raw and real way. Like a kid rediscovering life. Wooooow. Heightened senses, emotions, and feelings. I feel Amazing.

Afternoon: Lemon ginger tea. “Bread, bread, bread, bread, breeeeead!” is all I can think about.

Evening: It’s gotten easy. Normalized. I got this. Broccoli, kale, parsley, lemon, cayenne juice. And of course, lemon ginger tea.

Day 3

Morning: Went on a morning run though took it easy and walked part of the time. Breakfast of lemon ginger tea and carrot, beet, lemon, ginger juice. Feelin’ good. Not as intense as the last two days.

Afternoon: Lemon ginger tea. Starting to feel a bit spacey. Can’t find my words as well as normal.

Evening: Time for some real food! I was going to wait till the next morning, but my body said, “Food, now.” And it’s always best to listen to your body and what it wants and needs. I have a small body that tends towards deficiencies so didn’t last as long as someone with a robust, always hot body would.

My body was feeling really sensitive still and my awareness also still really heightened. I wanted to ease out of the cleanse as slowly as necessary. First meal, baked sweet potato with cinnamon. Ahhhhhh.

Day 4

Morning: Yup, still lemon ginger tea. And steamed kale with flax oil and ume plum vinegar. Oh my goodness. Food is so good. Good food is so good.

Afternoon: Banana

Evening: Went to Whole Foods and got lightly seasoned baked potatoes and green beans. Most of the food there made my stomach turn just looking at it. The fewest ingredients the better.

Day 5

Morning: Mate!!! No more lemon ginger tea! “I’m so done with you.” Sheeps milk yogurt (OMG, body so happy) and banana.

And so it goes….slowly adding more and more food back into my diet. Really wanting to keep that high, clear, awake feeling, I want to listen more to my body and what it needs. Becoming more aware of when my mind is trying trick me into, “But you need More!” Because I realized…

Realization 1

I need a lot less than I think I need. All that food I usually eat, I do it because it’s fun, or because it comforts me. Not because I need it. I can survive on a Whole Lot Less, which means my body’s usually working overtime for not much pay.

Realization 2

Small amounts of nutrient packed food keep me satisfied for much longer. Easter Sunday (Day 7) I ate lunch with my family. The big normal (non organic, southern style, etc, etc.) Easter lunch. I figured, let’s just do this. So I ravaged my plate but still felt an emptiness. Three hours later, I was starving! “What the?” So I ate my simple kale and quinoa dish and felt my body so relieved, satisfied, and full again. I’ve never had such a tangible experience of eating a lot and not being satisfied and then eating a little and being very satisfied.

Realization 3

Habits are sons of bitches. And so are cookies. It’s a week and a half later and my monk like high has worn off. My neighbor made cookies and I decided I needed Indian food. But! Even though my mind wins sometimes, like when it says, “Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie!” I still feel like I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of my body and what goes into it. As the age old adage says, You are what you eat. Literally.

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