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Open to possibilities, unstick your mind

You know that experience you get when do or say something that’s really important to you, like really really important, from your soul, and then you just wait. Unsure of the outcome, unsure of how it will be responded to.

And then the fear sets in. “They’re going to hate it. It’s probably terrible. Disaster ensues. Catastrophe will follow.” And you feel it. Deep in your gut. “It’s a terrible thing I’ve just done. I’m probably going to lose all my friends.”

Well, it IS a possibility though very slim that catastrophic events could unfold from the baring of your soul. It’s an even greater possibility that people could hate it, react to it, or be indifferent.

But what I have to remind myself when I’m having an apocalyptic vision of my future is that my mind is only seeing one version of the story. And it’s stuck on repeat. The endless playing of one track that says “Bare your soul, disaster ensues.”

So instead of playing it over and over adding to the deep fear in my gut, I take a step back and say, “I see you.” Wow. Just doing that shifts something. Don’t we all want to be seen on a very deep level with understanding and compassion? Giving that to yourself opens something inside. “I see you. I hear you. I’m holding you.”

And then I remind myself, “Well, that IS one possibility. But there are many possibilities.” And it’s true! People COULD hate it, but they could also love it. It could even touch someone deeply and change his or her life. (What I really want!) There are so many things that can happen.

And then there I am, standing on the edge. Waiting in the Unknown. Open. The one-track tape is still playing in the background, but now I’m in a space where anything is possible.

It feels raw and intense. It feels vulnerable and courageous. But most of all it feels Present. Connected to Who I am and what I want to give to the world. Will it be received? Open to possibilities.

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