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Spring Detox for Vibrant Health

Acupuncture Austin Spring Detox for Vibrant Health

Today begins my 21 Day Purification Cleanse!
I will be posting videos every day so you can track my progress, see what I’m eating and how I’m feeling, get cleansing tips, learn more about nutrition, and gain a better understanding of what cleansing would be like for you. You can subscribe to my YouTube playlist for all the posts.

It’s springtime! The time of birth, new life, new ideas, creative impulses. We are rising up out of the dead of winter and into a new phase which corresponds with the Wood Phase in Chinese medicine. What does this mean for our bodies? During the winter, our bodies store more fat to keep us warm. We need denser, warmer, richer foods. Fat, however, also stores toxins.

In the springtime, the weather becomes warmer and we no longer need extra layers. Our bodies naturally want to eat lighter, more cleansing foods. Meaning this is the perfect time to do a cleanse to help our bodies release the extra fat and toxins that we stored up in the winter. When we cleanse off what we no longer need, we have more energy and vitality to put into any new projects or relationships or to bring a sense of renewal into our current projects and relationships.

By working with the body’s natural cycles and helping it detox in the springtime, you can optimize you body’s natural vitality to feel lighter, stronger, clearer, and more energized. 

Because it takes 21 days to break a habit and create a new one. This cleanse isn’t about taking a break from life and then returning to the same old habits afterwards. It’s about a lifestyle change. It’s about eating in a way that supports health and vitality, all the time.

During the cleanse, I will be eating really simple, organic, healthy food that is nutrient dense and supports cleansing. So, mostly fruit and veggies. The ratio of veggie to fruit being 2:1. Quinoa and lentils are allowed as well as chicken or fish for the last two weeks. I will not be eating grains, nuts, eggs, dairy, or processed foods. The cleanse includes whole food supplements by Standard Process: a protein powder that I will use in my smoothies twice a day and then supplements that will help the body release its toxins and carry them out.

I want to offer this cleanse to you to do in a group setting starting March 30. And since SXSW is coming up this month, I know you will all have a little extra toxins to cleanse. I want to empower and support you in taking control of your own health. As part of the cleanse package I will provide the supplements, recipes, tips, let you know what to expect, answer any questions, and create a group feed so you can support each other as well, ask any questions, and post your own videos as well.

I will be offering an additional acupuncture package so you can sooth and ease the transition in your body during your cleanse.

In the meantime, follow my progress and stay tuned for the next newsletter that will give more details about my Spring Cleansing Package.

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