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Summer Lovin: What to Eat to Feel Great

Summer time! Even though we’ve had an awesomely cool May, it still Feels Like Summer. Everything feels more settled and full, filling, rich, and flowing. Spring was the beginning of things, a movement upwards and outwards from the deep hibernation of winter. Spring surged with new ideas. Summer is seeing them through. Fullness in action. In Chinese medicine, Summer is related to Fire. And fire is action and creation, play and enthusiasm.

Summer foods!
In Summer it’s best to eat lively, light, fresh and with variety. Cook your food lightly, flash sautéed at high heat or steamed. Eat beautifully and colorfully enjoying the abundance of Summer fruits and veggies. The variety that you eat will help supplement the minerals and oils that you sweat out in the hot months.

However! This may come as a surprise, but it’s not good to eat a lot of super cold foods like ice cream, smoothies, or iced drinks because the nature of cold contracts and it can hinder your digestion as well as actually holding heat in the body.

It’s better to add a little spice to your life (and your food) by adding small amounts of cayenne, jalapeno, or ginger to your meals. These spices have an ascending and dispersing nature and can help your body move heat up and out. Too much though (like most things) isn’t good. Play with it and find how much spice your body likes. Usually, a little goes a long way.

Food that are cooling without being damaging are watermelon, cucumbers, apples, lemons, limes, mung bean sprouts (mung beans are a Chinese herb used for clearing summer heat toxicity), alfalfa sprouts, salads, and mint teas.

It’s best to leave heavy, fatty foods for the winter. Excessive meats, eggs, nuts, dairy, and even grains can leave you feeling sluggish on a hot day.

Here’s to a Summer full of Brightness, Fullness, Joy, Abundance, and Action.
Eat well, Drink well, Be well.

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