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The Beauty of Becoming an Adult

As I’m approaching 30 and having started my own acupuncture practice, I’m beginning to embrace growing up and becoming an adult. For years I resisted, thinking that “grown ups have no fun.” And I’m not the only one with adult stigma. I have a 50-year-old friend who recently said the word adult immediately made him think of old. But I posit that old is just a frame of mind really (my 86-year-old Grandma still travels the world and is the life of the party) and that becoming an adult can be truly beautiful. And liberating. And powerful.

Powerful in the way that, now, I can make shit happen in this world. I can clearly state my needs and be responsible for getting them met. I have good boundaries. I can communicate truthfully who I am and what I want. And still be open to receiving things much greater than I can even imagine that I want. This, to me, is becoming an adult. It is defining Who I Am.

I am ready to face the world. To bring myself forward with all my Might and Love and Knowledge and Beauty. To create a sacred space for doing what I care most about, Healing. And to protect this sacred space no matter what.

I am ready to face down my scary fears and in facing them, feel Victorious. And humbled. Because we are not alone. We are a community, a fellowship. Helping each other grow and serve that we may each claim our True selves.

For we can’t be adults alone. We have to be adults together. Communicating clearly and having good boundaries. Both which open space for us to spread and open, to trust and be strong. And vulnerable. Caring for each other. Giving and receiving which are One in Love.

So, I say, becoming adults is clearly defining Who I Am and Who You Are and Who We Are Together. And it is Beautiful.

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