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Tiny subtle movements uncrunch crunchy muscle fibers

I had a really beautiful experience recently with a feldenkrais practitioner, Pat Siebert. I left the body work session feeling so open and flowing. Especially in my hips. The part deep inside that never seemed to get stretched. Little by little using tiny, subtle movements that at times were barely perceptible, he uncrunched all the tight crunchy muscle fibers. I was mind blown. “How does he do that?” And “I never knew my hips were supposed to feel this way!” I love that feeling. When an epiphany becomes so tangible and real. Epiphanies always seem so obvious. Like “How did I not see that?”

My new depth of understanding is that since it is through our bodies that we experience ourselves, the more open our bodies are, the more we can have a pure experience of ourselves all the time.

After my session with Pat, I felt more present in my body. More flowing, an essential quality of Myself. Though there were definitely some intense moments during the session when I was releasing emotions and trauma stuck in the crunchy muscle fibers. Pat was very gentle, calm, and supportive the whole time. I felt safe and held. And amazed. “How does he make such tiny, subtle movements?” And it’s real. I stand and walk differently now.

And as an acupuncturist, I realized that that is why I love what I do. I love connecting people to their bodies so that the essence of who they are can become more real and present in the world.

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